Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tony Stark Builds Neat Stuff For Good Old Fashion Revenge - Iron Man 3 Final Trailer Is Rad!

President William Sadler takes the podium: "The Mandarin Must Be Stopped."  Hell to the yeah.  Iron Man finally gets his Big Bad Nemesis.  No Jeff Bridges mongering.  No Mickey Rourke drooling.  Straight up Shakespearean villainy.   I think Shane Black is going to knock all us fanboys on our asses.  I immediately want to pop in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  We're gonna get the Tony Stark snark, but we're also gonna get a whole heap of battered heroism.  Not to mention Iron Man drones and possibly a Hulk Buster.  If you watch this trailer and tell me you aren't pumped for May 3rd than just pucker up and enjoy the next Jane Austen retelling.  But if you ask me, it looks like Marvel Studios totally understands how to follow the Epic Brawl of The Avengers - get personal, get Khaned.


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