Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Try To Have Fun!" - Kick Ass 2 Millars In Your Face

I like the first movie.  I'd say I even love Nic Cage's channeling of Adam West in the Batman/Punisher cross, Big Daddy.  And I certainly appreciated how mean spirited the film got at certain points.  However, I certainly don't enjoy Mark Millar's comic book source material.  The original book is rather boring and its sequel is hateful, but not so special.  The below trailer seems to be following a lot of that book's plot.  Giant Russia Beasts, Captain America wannabes, and The Mother Fucker himself.  Jim Carey seems inspired by Cage's wacky voice and has adopted one for his own.  It made me smile.  But Chloe Moretz doesn't sound right at all.  Too self aware, forced.  Acting like acting.  She's certainly no Al Swearengen.


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