Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Parker Movie Trailer Infuriates

Yep.  I'm gonna hate this movie.  I want to quell my troll rage but I just can't.  Donald Westlake is dead.  Hollywood now has its first opprotunity to use the "Parker" name and not just a stand-in (Walker in Point Blank, Porter in Payback) and they completely F Up the character.  "Civilized people need to follow rules" my ass.  Parker is a sociopath, not Robin Hood.  And the unstoppable Jennifer Lopez romance--so damn infuriating.

Now, take away my love for the Richard Stark novels and I might be able to see some quality in this new Statham venture.  But my dorkdom won't let me be happy here.  I'm not just annoyed, I'm fucking sad.  Sigh.  Get over yourself, Brad.  You've still got the Darwyn Cooke comics.  Outside of the actual Stark novels, those are pretty damn perfect.  And maybe one day we'll get that Michael Shannon Parker flick.


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