Thursday, October 4, 2012

This Trailer Tells You It's A Good Day To Die Hard

Five Die Hards.  Why not?  In a world with five (soon-to-be-six) Resident Evil films, eleven Friday the 13ths, seven Saw films, four Rambos, and five (soon-to-be-six) Fast & The Furiouses why can't John McClane have a never ending franchise?  And I didn't even really hate that last PG-13 outing even if it felt nothing like a Die Hard.  But now Mr. Yipee Ki Yay is killing terrorists back to back with his son Jai Courtney and its all going down in Mother Russia.  That's a long way from Nakatomi Plaza.

A Good Day To Die Hard is directed by John Moore, the man behind Behind Enemy Lines, the Flight of the Phoenix remake, The Omen remake, and Max Payne.  Yeah, I didn't like any of those films either.  But kick this up to an R rating and show me some serious squib action and I might start to get seriously excited.


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