Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Fistful of Heavies! (Matt’s Picks)

With the neo-Noir film Drive in theaters now, we’re taking a look at some of your favorite heavies from movies.  Every good villain needs some muscle. 

5.  Lothar (The Rocketeer):  This brute man lurks about in classic Rondo Hatton fashion, making folks into human pretzels.  When a dashing actor and Nazi spy needs some killing done, you can bet he’ll call Lothar.

4.  Major Muller (The English Patient):  “Are thumbs fingers?”

3.  Wez (The Road Warrior):  If you can be this scary while wearing assless chaps, then you are one terrifying dude.  Wez rolls around killing and maiming people for the speechifying Humongous.  He is not someone to take lightly. 

2.  Xenia Onatopp (GoldenEye):  The ultimate femme fatale.  For Xenia, it’s not just a job, not just an adventure.  It’s a calling.  Killing isn’t like sex for this Russian minx.  It is sex.

1.  Navajas (Desperado):  While not the first time I’d ever seen Danny Trajo, it was his role as the knife throwing killer in Desperado that put him on my map and eventually led to him being placed on my list of favorite character actors.  Navajas demands attention right from the first moment he appears on screen.  He’s a force of nature and a looming storm cloud for your Mariachi hero.  Had the movie suddenly veered off course and followed his adventures through the underworlds of Mexico, I’d have been up for the trip. 


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