Monday, August 29, 2011

New Release Tuesday (8/30/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

COEN BROTHERS COLLECTION (BLU):  Having just watched both Raising Arizona and Miller's Crossing on the big screen at the AFI Silver, I think it's safe to say that The Coen Brothers are my favorite contemporary filmmakers.  Miller's Crossing is one of the great gangster films and it's a great reminder that Gabriel Byrne and Albert Finney are true badasses.  Raising Arizona is a balls-out bugnuts comedy that can drive you mad with its surreal explosions and  random bursts of screaming.  Haven't watched Blood Simple in several years but I remember it as a fine neo noir with the essential M. Emmet Walsh performance.  And even though the shine of my Fargo cult status has faded just a tish, it is still a hilarious and dark bit of crime fiction with absolutely stellar turns from all the members of the cast.  Yep, withoutadoubt this is the must buy of the week.


TOP GUN (BLU):  I can't remember the last time I watched Top Gun.  Maybe fifteen years ago.  I was seven years old when I first saw this in the theater.  My father was still in the Navy and we made regular visits to the Miramar base to watch the F-14s jet about.  As a result I thought Top Gun and Maverick were the coolest.  As I grew up, I became embarrassed over my Need For Speed love and I eventually abandoned Tony Scott's Blockbuster.  I think it's time to return.  My current, weird Tom Cruise fascination will probably kick my enjoyment level up to 11.


THE PERFECT HOST:  Don't really think this movie is going to be much good, but there's something about David Hyde Pierce's performance in the below trailer that really just skeeves me the heck out.  So it's gonna get a Netflix from me.  Fingers crossed that the rest of the film lives up  to Pierce's maniacal snobbery.

WRECKED:  I'm still rooting for ya Adrien Brody.  Recent roles in The Darjeeling Limited, The Brothers Bloom, Midnight in Paris, and even Predators have convinced me that you are my kinda actor and I just know you've got a killer performance waiting to be unleashed (and no it didn't already happen with The Pianist).  Wrecked looks like it has some potential.  Brody driven off the road, trapped inside his vehicle.  Survive!

POLICE, ADJECTIVE:  I've heard nothing but good things from this crime drama and I'm excited to finally get in on this Romanian New Wave.  I know very little about the film's plot, all I've heard is the hype.  Gonna give it a whirl.

NORWEGIAN NINJA:  It's all in the title.  How can you not want to race out and see this flick?  After Dead Snow, Rare Exports, and Troll Hunter I'm all about Scandinavian cinema.  Bring on the madness.


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  1. Norwegian Ninja looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to watch this ASAP. Thanks for this, love the blog, keep up the good work.