Monday, August 15, 2011

New Release Tuesday (8/16/11)!!!

Must Buy DVD of the Week!

THE KILLING (CRITERION BLU):  It has been far too long since I've seen this flick and I'm more than a little excited to get this new Criterion in my player.  Everyone loves 2001, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, and Full Metal Jacket but not enough love is given to either The Killing or Killer's Kiss (which appears here as a bonus feature!).  A great caper flick with frontman Sterling Hayden as a professional criminal worthy of Richard Stark's Parker.  Beautiful black & white photography I can't wait to see in 1080p.


BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD SEASON TWO PART ONE:  Yeah, yeah, yeah I know you're all in love with Bruce Timm's animated series (and you totally should be), but if you love Batman and especially if you love the wacky history of Batman than you must see The Brave and The Bold.  Crazy Quilt!  Equinox!  Bat-Mite!  This show is nuts and a total hoot.  

JOHN CARPENTER'S THE WARD:  Honestly, I haven't heard to many good things about John Carpenter's latest but I don't care.  I'll buy every Ghosts of Mars, every Memoirs of an Invisible Man that he has in him cuz the man delivered Big Trouble in Little China into my life.  I owe him every cent.  Plus, the trailers for this flick still look promising to me and I'm liking Amber Heard more and more (I can't help but adore her in Drive Angry).  So yeah, Carpenter you got my faith.

THE BIG LEBOWSKI (BLU):  One of my favorite Coen Brothers films that I'm sure will look absolutely stunning on blu.  There's no need to really drone on and on about this flick.  You know it's awesome.  Just ask What Would Jesus Do?

COBRA (BLU):  A childhood classic, Cobra is the ultimate exercise is 80s gratuitous grime and violence.  When this 10 year old first witnessed Sly Stallone cure the streets of crime I was forever haunted with nightmares of roving axe cults and Brian Thompson's horrible grunting smirk.  Love the grit of this picture and I'm curious to see if the blu wipes it too clean.  Demolition Man, The Specialist, and Assassins also hit blu today but none of those come close to the badassery of Cobra.

DEXTER SEASON 5:  A show that I only watch on DVD, so I'm still behind on what exactly happened in the wake of John Lithgow's creepy Trinity Killer.  Season 4 had a helluva shocking climax though and I can't wait to see where this leaves our poor serial murderer Dexter and fam.  Still, Julia Chiles is no John Lithgow.


PRIEST:  Not a great movie, or necessarily a good one.  A lot of missed opportunities plagued my initial viewing and the PG-13 rating is a glaring error.  Needs gouts and geysers of blood.  Gotta love Karl Urban's black hat baddie but I was kinda crossing-my-fingers for more.  Worth a Netflix but it's no Legion....uh, yeah, I kinda preferred that mess to this.

THE CONSPIRATOR:  Besides A River Runs Through It, I've never really taken to Robert Redford's direction.  Still, this is some compelling subject matter and even though I'm fairly certain he gets the politics wrong on this one I want to see those costumes.  And it's a fine cast.  Not gonna push this to the top of my queue or nothin' but it'll get to me eventually.

CUL-DE-SAC (CRITERION BLU):  Here's another flick I've never seen...but Polanski and Criterion?  Yes, please.  

JANE EYRE:  Caught a little bit of this on the plane ride back from San Diego Comic Con, but I hate watching movies on planes so much--those tiny far off screens!  So, on the Netflix queue it goes.  Very gothic looking & Michael Fassbender = must see tv.


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