Monday, August 1, 2011

New Release Tuesday (7/26 & 8/2)!!!


Must Buy DVD of the Week!

SOURCE CODE:  I absolutely loved, loved, loved Duncan Jones' MOON.  It is withoutadoubt one of the best science fiction movies of the last ten years.  If you haven't seen it yet than drop what yer doing (you sure as hell shouldn't be reading this dribble) and get your hands on a copy.  That flick cost the amount it took to make one digital Navi eye in Avatar and MOON is worth a trillion Avatars.  Anyway, Source Code is damn good.  Not MOON genius, but a really smart Quantum Leap actioner with some seriously good performances.  Right now, it's on my Top Ten list for 2011.


THE BLUES BROTHERS:  One of my all time favorite movies and easily my favorite musical (damn those that cry nay at it's musical status), The Blues Brothers is an epic Chicago based adventure with as much gravitas to its quest as that Frodo business in New Zealand.  And just as he did with An American Werewolf in London, director John Landis sells the absurdity of the situation by playing the narrative absolutely straight.  It's funny as hell, but it's serious business for these characters.  That's the beauty.

SOLDIER (BLU):  Yep, I love a Paul W.S. Anderson movie.  Love it.  And it's all on Kurt Russell and his silent brooding robot warrior.  It's not a great film and it definitely has its flaws but I enjoy the heck outta this Universal Soldier flick.  Sure, I'd love to see a faithful take on the David Webb Peoples script but I'll take this B-Movie.  Dig that montage sequence at the opening with Russell just blasting his way through various planetary landscapes.  Fun, okay.


TRUST:  Clive Owen, I miss you.  Come back to movies I care about...well, you've got Killer Elite coming out and I am seriously excited.  I am less enthused about this Direct-to-DVDer.  But I'll give it a shot cuz yer in it.  And Catherine Keener, she's cool too.  So I'm there.  Still don't care what happens to your dumb internet surfing daughter.

BURN NOTICE THE FALL OF SAM AXE:  As much as I love Bruce Campbell, for some reason I've just never been able to get into Burn Notice.  I watched the first few episodes of the first season and I shrugged a meh.  But I do love Bruce Campbell.  And this is all about Bruce Campbell.  I'll give it a shot, hope I can understand what the heck is going on in this prequel.

SUPERNATURAL THE ANIMATION:  I turn into a teenage girl when I'm watching The CW show.  Sam & Dean are so dreamy!  Thank God my wife loves the show as much as I do and she doesn't seem to be questioning my sexuality every time I giggle at a Dean wisecrack.  One of my most anticipated panels at the San Diego Comic Con was the Supernatural panel--Squeal!  Squeal!  Squeal!  But then they showed the Anime footage.  Ugh.  It looks terrible.  With that panel this set went from an Absolute Buy to a Maybe Rent.

IRONCLAD:  This is probably not going to be very good.  But it does look bloody.  And I like Paul Giamatti (who doesn't?).  So, yeah.  We'll see.


DYLAN DOG:  Stay Away!  I so wanted to enjoy this movie but it is sooooooooo boring!  Criminally boring.  I'm a Brandon Routh supporter.  Thought he was a good Superman.  Thought he was fantastic in Scott Pilgrim.  And I loved him in season 3 of Chuck.  But this is dreck.  Boring dreck.


Must Buy DVD of the Week!

CONAN THE BARBARIAN & CONAN THE DESTROYER (BLUS):  It has been way too long since I've seen either of these films.  Obviously, I grew up loving and watching Conan The Barbarian over and over and over again.  It's a great explosion of John Milius Frank Frazetta love.  Is it Robert E Howard's Conan?  Not really.  But it's badass.  Now, Conan The Destroyer?  Even as a kid I hated it.  I would take Red Sonja anyday over Destroyer.  But maybe now I can find some bit in their to love.  I'm putting on the shelf anyway.

SPY KIDS TRILOGY (BLU):  Robert Rodriguez's first Spy Kids film is some seriously silly fun.  One of the few occasions in which I've enjoyed kiddie bodily fluids humor.  Part 2 almost captures the original film's family joy.  But Part 3D and Shark Boy and Lava girl kinda killed my Rodriguez spankfest.  Still, if I'm gonna buy the first two flicks on Blu I might as well hunker down and purchase that third film.  

STREETWALKIN':  The latest entry in Shout Factory's Roger Corman Cult Classic line doesn't quite hit the nerve the way past entries like Humanoids From The Deep or Battle Beyond the Stars but you gotta put your faith in the Factory and go all in.  Prostitution-Sploitation starring recent Oscar winner Melissa Leo (but we should really care cuz she was awesome in Homicide Life On The Street), the film is also worth noting for brief turns from Julie Newmar and Antonio Fargas.  


STAKE LAND:  This film reminds me a little bit of the other post-apocalyptic vampire flick Daybreakers, a film that I probably shouldn't have loved as much as I did.  I've heard good things and the trailer looks decent.  Nick Damici definitely looks properly heavy.

RIO:  Missed this in the theater.  Jesse Eisenberg doesn't jump out at me as my animated voice of choice, but man do I love the Rio Angry Birds game...sigh.

THE PENITENT MAN:  Lance Henriksen.  Nuff Said.  Yer there.  Trailer below...yeah, not gonna be a great flick most likely but you never know right?  


SOUL SURFER:  Shark bit off her arm.  Her will won't keep her away from surfing.  Don't care.  Yeah, I'd rather watch that cheap looking Henriksen flick any day over this pap.  Sorry.



  1. Awww. The SPN anime isn't that bad actually. There are a few series remakes, some just for the anime, and a few from the comics. I've watched most of it long before the US release and enjoyed. But then again, I am an anime fan. They do take some getting used to since the episodes are 20 minutes instead of 45, but still enjoyable. Also the boys do intros to all the episodes I think.


  2. So, yer telling me to buy? I will do so if you say so. I just wasn't impressed by the brief bits from Comic Con.

  3. B, rent it. Don't drop 45 bucks on it until you've at least watched a few episodes.


  4. Let me see if I can find a few links to some of the eps...

  5. It's all subtitled, but free. If it doesn't work let me know and I'll figure something else out.