Friday, January 10, 2014

Dork Art: Mondo in 2014

I acquired only four prints from Mondo in 2013.  I magically won Tyler Stout's Shaun of the Dead at The Alamo screening of the Cornetto Trilogy.  I forked over big bucks at Comic Con for Drew Struzan's Dark Tower.  I was one of thousands who ordered the timed edition Martin Ansin's Man of Steel.  And I clicked at the right second for Francesco Francavilla's Black Beetle.  It's an old story, but eight years ago I could snag a Dirty Dozen or Bad Lieutenant poster months after release.  These days if you're not one of the lucky few to click the link at the right second then you're out of luck.  Such manufactured limited editions have caused quite a bit of backlash.  I get it.  I want the William Stout King Kong as much as you do, and I can't afford to pay the ebay prices.  It's the nature of the beast.  But I'm not gonna crap on these guys.  I love their work.  And when Hollywood chooses cheap high school photoshop over illustration 9 times outta 10 then I'll choose the hipster option every time.

If we're judging them on their first three prints of the year, then 2014 is going to prove hotter than ever for Justin Ishmael and his Mondo Team.  Released just yesterday, Rockin Jelly Bean's Kill Bill print went for $55 and now sells for $140 (average) on ebay.  Dave Rapoza's Clash of the Titans print will currently set you back $74.  But the real story is Francesco Francavilla's Clash of the Titans = $165.  Obviously, we're massive Harryhausen fans here at ITMOD, but we're not the types to bow down to Titans.  In fact, if you twisted our arms Matt & I would admit a fondness for the remake and it's God War sequel.  That being said, the Francavilla print is absolutely gorgeous, and the idea of him tackling other Harryhausen films like The 7th Voyage of Sinbad or - gulp - Mysterious Island brings butterflies to my stomach.  Francavilla is a helluva get for Mondo and together they slayed 2013.  Can't wait to see what the two cook up in the New Year.


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