Monday, September 2, 2013

Comic Review: Thor God of Thunder

    On the long list of Marvel characters I have never given too much thought to, Thor would have to be near the top.  I was scratching my head when I saw that a movie was being made, and then floored when it ended up being my favorite of the pre-Avengers movies.  That prompted me to give the old God of Thunder a try.  Even more surprise was in store for this reviewer when I ended up liking a batch of the comics.  Though I did also stumble over a few particularly bad issues, too.

    When Marvel Now started up, and they re-launched Thor, I gave it a go.  And it’s awesome.  Steeped in the mythology and the mindset of all those old Viking tales, Thor is a god-hero akin to a Beowulf, bold, boisterous, and badass.  Add to that, some beautiful, painterly art and you’ve got a darned fine fantasy comic.  The story, taking place in three time periods is interesting.  Young Thor, current Thor, and far-future Thor all dealing with one single threat, the God Butcher, as he kills his way through the pantheons of the universe.

    My complaint with this volume isn’t the quality, but the quantity.  For $25. you get only five issues, hardly a taste of the story.  A first chapter.  Though the comic itself is quite good, the value here is not.  Especially as this will likely be collected again in a few months or a year, into a larger volume, complete story.  Very much worth reading if you’re into epic fantasy and Norse mythology.  But not worth buying at the price asked.

Thor God of Thunder: The God Butcher
Author: Jason Aaron
Artist: Esad Ribic
Publisher: Marvel Comics
ISBN: 978-0-7851-6842-3


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