Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scarlet Johansson Falls To Earth in Under The Skin

Prepare yourself for some beautiful crazy.  Jonathan Glazer, the director of the brilliant Sexy Beast and the stumbling sophomore slump called Birth, returns with this surrealist assault of a teaser trailer.  Under The Skin follows little green man Scarlet Johansson as she wanders the Scottish countryside seducing men and capturing them for her planet's purpose.  The plot feels very Man Who Fell To Earth but the images seen below (NSFW BTW) evokes filmmakers like David Lynch and Neil Jordan.  The film doesn't have US Distribution yet, so don't expect a viewing till some time in 2014.  Sad.  Cuz I'm struggling to get excited for the Fall Releases, and 2013 certainly could have used a mondo gonzo sci-fi flick.


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