Friday, June 7, 2013

"He Won't Stop!" - Nic Cage Hunts John Cussack With Stripper Vanessa Hudgins

Almost a year ago we posted the original trailer for Frozen Ground, the tale of Nicolas Cage's Alaskan manhunt for John Cussack's average joe serial killer.  The film looks like a big piece of direct-to-dvd crap.  Trespass, Seeking Justice, Stolen.  The man is cranking out the forgetable bland movies.  Where are the Drive Angrys, Bad Lieutenants, or even Season of the Witches?  Come on Cage, we need your mega acting more now than ever.  According to IMDB, David Gordon Green has tapped a bearded Cage for his own return to serious filmmaking.  I have hopes for that at least.  This Vanessa Hudgins stripper flick is destined to rot in the Wal-Mart five dollar bin.


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