Monday, April 8, 2013

London Burns as Earth Falls - New Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

Look.  I'm super stoked for Star Trek Into Darkness.  And I certainly don't want to bitch & moan in relation to my all time favorite tv/film franchise.  But I'm not really digging all the Earth bound destruction focus of the ad campaign or Benedict Cumberbatch's scowl face.  I get it.  Earth is usually in peril every other Star Trek film, but I want this series to celebrate space and exploration.   Another Khan punch em up story following the Nero punch em up story is disconcerting.  I'm starting to sound like Matt here, and that's no good either.  I'm just saying - stars, ships, space, Trekking.  We'll wait and see what Into Darkness actually offers (JJ Abrams' mystery box offers little clues), and if this new rebooted universe is only action-bang-bang-whiz than it's pretty good action-bang-bang-whiz and I guess I could be perfectly happy with that.  But I want a little more thought from Star Trek.


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