Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dork Art: The Devil's Backbone by Guy Davis

A little while ago Criterion announced the titles of their July releases:  The Life of Oharu, Lord of the Flies, Babbette's Feast, The Ice Storm, and spine # 666 The Devil's Backbone.  Special Features include new & old documentaries, the typical commentary track (no word yet if this is the same one from the previous release), some deleted scenes, & the essay booklet.  But, personally, the most exciting speical feature is Guy Davis' cover art.  I really loved monster-mentor Mike Mignola's cover for the Cronos disc, but this is just an absolute killer piece.  The Devil's Backbone remains my all time favorite ghost story - to the point where I really have no patience for other interpretations.  This style of spook story cannot be done better.  Bold words?  Nah.  Fact.


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