Friday, April 12, 2013

Dork Art: Mondo's Oblivion Vinyl

Mondo just announced that they'll be releasing the Oblivion soundtrack on Vinyl come April 26th.  I haven't dipped into Mondo's vinyl collection yet , and I'm not really sure this is the place to start.  I did attempt to score their Drive LP but I was too slow on the shopping cart clicking.  You know the drill, follow their Twitter closely and cross your fingers.

Killian Eng supplies the art, a touch reminiscent of Mondo's John Carter print.  Hope that's not an indicator of the film's final product.  Matt's got a lot of hope riding on Oblivion.  A new wave of big Sci-Fi films could be made or broken on the back of Joseph Kosinski's latest venture.

Here's what Eng had to say about his piece:

"When I was given the honor to create artwork for the Oblivion soundtrack, I wanted to convey the feeling of a world that was left behind; a place full of traces and remnants of a civilization long gone. An environment that truly makes the person exploring it feel small is a theme I often come back to in my artwork. For the front cover I wanted to describe this in a peaceful way. The warm colors of a sunset, or sunrise, adds an air of tranquility, providing the image a nice balance against the sharp, dark silhouettes in the foreground."


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