Sunday, February 3, 2013

"More Extensive Than Extended?" - Super Bowl Movie Trailers!

I don't much care for football.  I work every Super Bowl.  I let my sports fanatic friends have their parties.  But what I do love is coming home to all the crazy cool movie trailers, and as far as film geekery is concerned, it looks like this might be one of the best Pigskin Tournaments yet.  I love the airline disaster of the Iron Man 3 trailer.  I'm thrilled by the destruction of the Enterprise in the Star Trek spot.  And even The Lone Ranger got a chuckle from me.  But the trailer of the night has to be Fast and Furious 6.  It's got tanks.  Explosions.  Cars vs Jets.  Explosions.  And The Rock jump punching.  I'm not going to fool myself.  Star Trek Into Darkness, Pacific Rim, and Iron Man 3 are my most anticipated films of the summer.  But - and I'm just amazed by this fact - Fast and Furious 6 is a close fourth at this point.


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