Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trailer: Lawrence of Arabia 4K Restoration

October 4th, one of the greatest movies ever made, Lawrence of Arabia is returning to the Big Screen for a limited 4K Restoration run.  Oh my goodness, this better be playing somewhere near my place...and if not, I will travel far to see it.  Years ago, I was lucky enough to experience David Lean's epic at the historic Uptown Theater in Washington DC.  The movie floored me.  Yes, I've always been more of a Bridge on the River Kwai kinda guy, but I recognize Lawrence as the superior movie.  It's a beast.  And it will knock you on your butt.

The Must Have blu ray will be hitting the shelves on November 11th, but you're gonna want to see it first in a theater.  There's nothing quite like it.


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