Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dork Art: Mondo Asks Dune, What If?

Thanks to Superpunch for pointing this out.  Mondo & artist Kilian Eng have partnered up for a What If poster depicting a possible past in which El Top crazyman Alexandro Jodorowsky directed Frank Herbert's Dune.  I'm kinda a fan of the David Lynch version but I recognize that it's not a particularily good movie let alone a perfect adaptation (Dork confession time:  I've never read the Frank Herbert novel, Matt's the Dune Dork on this blog).

Already the above Mondo print is up on ebay for a 160 bucks and there is no word as to if and when Mono itself will be putting it up for sale.  But if you look at Eng's previous Dune Mondo poster it's only running for 65 bucks on ebay.  So give it time and I'm guessing this one will go down too.


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