Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dork Art: Marvel's Planet of the Apes

Just seconds ago, I finished my marathon run on the Planet of the Apes blu ray box set.  So much fun.  Absolutely one of my all time favorite film franchises.  I think I'm going to keep going with the Burton remake (ugh, I know) and maybe even the old TV show, both the live action and the animated.  Anyway, I've been surfing around the net looking at a lot of nifty Ape art and I found these painting done for the Marvel comics line.  Each painting depicts a scene from the Apes sequels.  My favorite is the second to last Conquest painting.  An absolutely beautiful bit of pulp art.

Brent & Nova flee in Beneath! 

Brent & Nova on the Run from the Gorillas in Beneath 

Glory Be To The Bomb in Beneath

Cornelius watches his planet explode in Escape

The Apes Conquest!

Caesar & Aldo duke it out in Battle'


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