Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dork Art: I, Borg

Tomorrow Mondo will release their latest print in their Star Trek line.  The artist is Jesse Phillips; the print will measure 23 x 36, is limited to 250, and will set ya back $40.  I love these Star Trek prints but I'm gonna have to pass on this one.  I hate, hate, hate the "I, Borg" episode.  It pretty much rendered the Borg uncool and every time I think of Hugh I role my bloody eyes.  Not to mention that this episode led to the even more crappy Datalore/Borg two-parter that nearly killed my TNG love.  That being said, this is a pretty poster and I do have the day off tomorrow...NO!  Must resist.  I'm still fuming from my fumbled attempts at the Assault on Precinct 13 poster from last week (yes, I did break down and snag one on Ebay).


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