Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Just A Machine" - Antonio Banderas is I Robot Skynet A Space Odyssey!

Spanish effects guru Gabe Ibanez is treading some very familiar ground for his second feature.  Automata has bits of a thousand other science-fiction stories pulsing through its DNA, but I still find myself responding positively to this yet-another Robots With Soul storyline.  I'm (we're) a sucker for these plots, and that's why they keep making them.  Having recently watched The Expendables 3, I can assure you that Antonio Banderas was the only one of those fogies that understood the charm & joy of the concept.  He's an actor who hasn't always gotten his fair pick of roles.  Comedy comes easy to him, but his best work is when he lets the anger out.  I love seeing him pissed.  And a pissed Banderas in a sci-fi Blade Runner Beyond Thunderdome?  Yep.  Fingers crossed.


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