Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"I Am The White Ghost!" - Nicolas Cage Has Lost It In Outcast & He's Dragging Darth Vader With Him!

Remember when Nicolas Cage won an Oscar?  Or that time he regularly headlined Summer Blockbusters?  Or made super crappy movies that were a ton of fun?  That seems like a long, long, long time ago.  Once I could go to bat for the crappiest of Cage flicks, but that time has past.  He's fallen into that realm of Direct to Redbox misery.  Seeking Justice led to Trespass which led to Stolen which led to The Frozen Ground, Rage, and now Outcast.  Somewhere along the way I lost the fever.  He's still making the occasional big screen appearance (Joe, Left Behind), but the man's reign seems to have come to an end.  Is there a project out there that could bring him back from the brink?  I hope so.  But this Templar Knight vs Samurai Sorcerers does not seem to be the answer.


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