Monday, April 21, 2014

Dork Art: Mike Mitchell's Marvel Portraits

This afternoon Time Magazine unveiled another set of portraits from Mike Mitchell's Mondo Gallery Show (opening this Friday in Austin - the lucky bastards!), and they are absolutely & utterly perfect.  The Hulk is the tops for sure; Mitchell expertly captures that cromag forehead accentuating the green meanie's dim bulb rage.  But I also love Loki's contemptuous glazed expression, Doc Ock's maniacal grin, and Bullseye's psycho eyes.  Luke Cage?  He's all confidence & sideburns.  I really hope prints of these Avengers are available soon so that I can fight the internet into frustrated bliss as I click, click, click, click to no avail.  Seems like the only luck I'm having at scoring Mondo prints these days is on the secondary market.  An old story, but still it rankles.

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