Saturday, November 30, 2013

Doctor Who Poll Results

    I can’t say the winner of our Doctor Who poll is a surprise.  But what surprised me was the runner up.  Tom Baker is still probably the face of the Doctor for many people.  He dominated the classic series from the time he took the reigns, casting a near impenetrable shadow over the remainder of the series.  For many in the States, he was the first (when PBS affiliates started showing it, they started with Tom Baker).  When we did a similar poll a couple years ago, focusing on just the classic series, Tom Baker won hands down.  No surprise.  I thought he might have a run for his money when we added in all the new guys, because of the show’s major popularity, and the number of new fans who only know the post 2005 actors.  I was wrong.  And this is where I got my real surprise.  David Tennant didn’t get the runner up spot.  I figured he had a good chance of winning, and if not, would obviously come in second to Baker.  Alas, no.  My favorite of the new guys, Christopher Eccleston tied for (a very distant) second with current Doctor Matt Smith.  I’ll admit, I like Smith a lot, but I’ve found his era saddled with bad scripts.  Sadly, I seem to be the only person to vote for Jon Pertwee.

#1  Tom Baker

#2 a tie between Christopher Eccleston & Matt Smith


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