Friday, October 4, 2013

The Godzilla Teaser Has Landed

    If you read this blog, you’ll know already that Brad and I enjoy some kaiju madness.  I don’t think I’d raise any hackles if I said that I’m something more of a fan of Godzilla and his friends than my co-Dork Brad, but suffice to say, we both enjoy the giant beast battle films like any overgrown child should.  And, it should also come as no surprise that I prefer the older films to the newer ones, and obviously to the horrible Roland Emmerich silliness.  You may be surprised that while I love the film, the original Godzilla (or Gojira) is not my favorite.  I’m more of a Terror of Mechagodzilla man.

    This past summer, we got a big budget adventure film featuring some kaiju carnage, Pacific Rim.  And while the movie was fun, and the world building interesting, the storyline (pretty much Top Gun) was bland, and the lead actor was a lifeless puppet (even compared to the CGI).  Still, that Tokyo attack flashback scene captured the magic and terror of the classic films in a way even they rarely approached.  And soon, the director of the little seen but shockingly good Monsters is bringing the great allegory back to the silver screen.  And this time, it looks like Godzilla is getting some respect.  When I heard that Gareth Edwards was going to direct, I felt a spark of hope grow in my chest.  When I saw the first poster, that spark became an ember.  Now that I’ve seen this trailer, I think there may even be a fire in there.  (Don’t worry about my heart; I don’t have one).  I’m not quite giddy right now, but I do have a smile on my face.  If this works out, if this Godzilla film is good and successful, might it mean a rebirth of the genre?  Might we see a Half Century War adaptation?  Could such awesome things happen?

                                                     Dang it.  Trailer has been pulled.  How about this in its place:


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