Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rick Baker's Frankenstein

io9 has a short writeup on Rick Baker's M.A.C. Cosmetics unveiling of his Steampunk Frankenstein.  It's a gorgeous piece from the master of makeup applications, but it also fills me with a gloomy sadness that such art is relegated to Cosplay these days.  When was the last time you saw such a beautiful horror on screen instead of some uncanny CG creation?  You don't need me to blather on about the unreality of the digital concoction - I'm not even sure that's true anymore as the next generation of film fanatics is bred on such sights they're Suspension of Disbelief has adjusted.  Us old folks are left dreaming of the practical delights of yesteryear.  Oh well.  This Steampunk Frankenstein is badass.


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