Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dork Art: Paul Shipper's Khan + Honest Trailer

Paul Shipper is quickly becoming one of my favorite Dork Artists.  The man has a picture perfect style reminiscent of Drew Struzan, and I can only dream that his illustrations becomes the new standard for movie posters.  Sigh.  At the very least, comic publisher IDW is taking notice, as they've brought him on to do cover work for their October Khan miniseries.  Never mind the fact that the White Khan makes no sense within the context of the reboot/sequel, or the fact that IDW has already done a Khan miniseries detailing the dictator's rise to power.

While we're at it let's also ignore the fact that IDW's Star Trek comics are at best mediocre.  And I'm sure you're not at all interested in another anti-Star Trek Into Darkness rant from me.  Let's just be happy with some pretty artwork, and I'll let the good folks over at Honest Trailers rip Abrams a new one.  Seriously, the below trailer sums up all of Into Darkness's problems better than a million angry blog rants.  Have a laugh and give a watch.


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