Friday, November 9, 2012

Dork Art: Sean Phillips' Fatale

Ok.  All you Internetland people are reading Fatale, right?  You're not!?!?!?  You must be Matt!  Cuz if you're not reading Fatale than you're missing the best stapled comic on the market right now.  You love film noir.  You love Raymond Chandler detective fiction.  You love Lovecraft.  You love creepy WWII cultist shinanigans.  Than you will obviously love Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips' badass epic.  And according to the letters page, it looks like Fatale will be going on longer than originally anticipated - at least 20 + issues.  Great news.  And judging by these beautiful covers found over at Phillips' blog, Brubaker is going to be exploring the dark & demented past of Josephine.  Spaghetti Western homage? Oh hell yeah.  This comic was made for me--I mean you.


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