Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Fistful of Cabins in the Wood! (Matt’s Picks)

The Dream Team

    Apparently, the internet is aflame with buzz about Cabin in the Woods.  OK.  So, this week, we’re looking at some of our favorite cabins, also in the woods (well, wilderness, anyway).  And though sorely tempted, note that I did not choose the Capital Building from Logan’s Run.

5.  Arianne’s witch house from Centurion.  Haven to wandering Romans and a nice place to eat some fish (if you don’t piss on it first).  Plus, the hostess provides great service.

4.  The White Lodge and the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks.  The less said, the better.  But I do hear that the owls are not as they seem.

3.  The winter home from Hanna.  Hanna’s dad needed a little time off from work, so he headed north for a nice relaxing home.  Hunting, fishing, and living close to nature helped Hanna grow up strong.

2.  John Matrix’s weekend getaway from Commando.  Living with his daughter, carrying logs, feeding deer.  Matrix’s life is pretty swell.  And he’s far enough that nobody will ever find him.  He’d smell ‘em coming, even if they did.

1.  Oliver Yates’ bayou love shack from Cat People.  When you’ve got a shape-changing panther woman working at your zoo, why not inviter her out to your secluded cabin?  Sure, she likes to get tied up, and her brother wants to sleep with her, but we’ve all got problems, right?

I like rabbits, too.


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