Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dork Hero: Gene Tierney


A while back, I popped in a DVD for a movie I knew nearly nothing about.  A little melodrama called Leave Her to Heaven.  It starred a lady named Gene Tierney, who I'd seen in a couple films before, but never thought twice about.  By the end of Leave Her to Heaven, I was a serious fan.  Not only was she jaw droppingly beautiful, but she lent depth and pathos to a monstrous character in a way I found continually surprising, refreshing, and unsettling.  That I still kind of pulled for her by the film's end is a testament to Tierney's ability to keep you enthralled and maybe a bit in love, even when she does awful things.  Watching a bunch of her other movies let me see other sides of her talent, including some lighter comedy stuff.  But Tierney will be forever tied to that bold, unhinged role in Leave Her to Heaven.  Plus, she worked with the always awesome Dork Hero, Vincent Price on several occasions.  That raises her cool factor, right there.

Leave Her to Heaven



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