Friday, July 4, 2014

Comic Review: Planetoid

    A quick flip through this book at the comic shop made me take note, but I didn’t have any spare cash, so I moved on.  However, last Free Comic Book Day, while doing the usual shop crawl with co-Dork Brad, I spotted it again.  I try to buy something at each shop I visit on that day (kinda part of the whole point), so I picked this up.  I’ve been in a slightly more pronounced science fiction mood than usual this past couple weeks, so I sat down to read this one.

    I love this kind of thing.  A guy crash lands on a planet that seems like one giant junk-heap, ruin.  It reminds me a bit of the city/world/ship from Morbus Gravis.  Creatures and people scraping out a living on the surface of this hostile world.  And nasty robot killing machines doing who knows what.  Yup.  Cool.  The story does not go in the direction I anticipated, and the way it does play out is very cool.  This volume works perfectly well as a stand alone, but it makes me want to see more.

    The art isn’t necessarily amazing, but it’s good.  Sometimes very good.  And some of the concepts are awesome.  A good combination, creating some very evocative moments.  And it's competently written.  Having read a few critically lauded comics recently where I found the writing to be atrocious, competency is nice.  It's not Shakespeare, but the words flow and the dialog works.  Author/artist Ken Garing has crafted something very cool here, and I'm excited to see what comes next.  This is a setting that begs for more stories.  For science fiction fans, this is book is highly recommended.

Author/Artist: Ken Garing
Publisher: Image Comics
ISBN: 978-1-60706-813-6

-Matthew J. Constantine

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